2018 Complant Rosé "Pomme-en-Main"

2018 Complant Rosé "Pomme-en-Main"


12.95% Alc/Vol

750 ml

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The lone rider crested the rocky knoll.  He was dusty, hot and tired, and sweat stained the back of his shirt. 

Worse yet, his zebra dun horse needed water and needed it soon. He had heard there was a stone water tank and a cantina in this part of the Mojave Desert, but a body could never trust chuckwagon rumors. An hour later though, through the shimmering heat waves, he saw a low adobe building in the distance. He’d heard of that cantina. Gambling, hand-made gorditas, and posole. But, that’s not what made his mouth water as he rode into the yard, dismounted and knocked on the door with the apple-in-hand door knocker. It was the thought of a cool, refreshing, tart, fruity rosé, Complant “Pomme-en-Main” Rosé. The glass the barkeep handed him displayed a rose gold, salmon color, and the nose was redolent of candied strawberries, the perfume of snapdragons with hints of rosemary, sandalwood, and leather. On the palate, the wine had a perfumed entry, light texture, balanced acidity, and finished with a pop of tart red fruit. It was as refreshing as he had remembered. He was savoring his first sip when he felt a tap on his left shoulder. He discreetly slipped the raw-hide thong off the hammer of his Colt Peacemaker and turned.



The grape source for 2018 Complant “Pomme-en-Main” Rosé are Grenache end vines from a Pinot Noir vineyard in Forestville. We picked these vines on September 20, 2018, and foot stomped them in the ½ ton picking bins right in the vineyard. The drive back to the winery gave them just the right amount of skin contact and the grapes were pressed that afternoon. They were then fermented on their native yeast in neutral Bordeaux barrels and went through partial malolactic fermentation.

Artist Kristina Macdonald has depicted the blossoms of a cultivated fruit tree that is found at the Baron family home in Napa, California on each of our Complant labels. In the case of the “Pomme-en-Main” Rosé, the flower is a peach blossom. The pomme-en-main is the classic door knocker that graces the front door of the Baron hacienda and quality cantinas the world over.



Tasting Notes:

  • coral pink hue w/ orange highlights 

  • Nose of green apple, honeydew melon, lime zest, watermelon rind 

  • tart wild strawberry on palate with backbone of minerality great long finish with savory salinity